Celebrating Woodland

It's our 99th Year!

Click below to download the form for the 2021 theme contest.

Only 11th-grade females in the Woodland School District are eligible to apply.

⦁    List your interests and hobbies.
⦁    List your talents.
⦁    What school activities are you involved in and for how long?
⦁    What community projects or activities have you participated in?
⦁    Are you working outside of the school & will the company release you for Planters Days activities?
⦁    What does the Woodland community mean to you? 
⦁    If you are selected as a member of the Royal Court you will be required to attend many scheduled events. We have found this to be a conflict with spring sports and other activities. Planters Days participation is expected to be your priority. Does this create a problem for you?

If chosen as a member of the Royal Court, you will potentially be involved in many activities (as mandates allow) such as shopping for outfits, attending parades, community events, a city council meeting, and selling Planters Days raffle tickets at various location, just to mention a few.
The Royal Court automatically become members of the Planters Days Committee and is required to attend the monthly meetings held virtually at this time.  The meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month until Planters Days weekend. 
The Royal Court will be available for raffle ticket sales beginning in February. The Court is also required to attend one Monday luncheon with the Rotary Club, one Tuesday luncheon with the Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Woodland Arbor Day event. Dates for these events will be provided at a later time.
Appearances will be scheduled at local businesses to sell Planters Days raffle tickets. The Court will attend parades such as the Long Beach Parade and the Festival of Bands Parade in Hazel Dell. 
As a Planters Days Princess there are many activities that you will be required to attend in addition to the ones mentioned above. It is expected that these events be a priority for you during your reign on the court.  

On behalf of the Woodland Planters Days Celebration Committee, we again thank you for your continuous support.

The Committee planned the 98th celebration in a format that gave consideration to circumstances at the time. They chose to pause on any element that included public gatherings. Many suggestions had been made regarding virtual events, and in looking into what we could still do responsibly, many virtual events actually took place.

The Princesses continued to sell raffle tickets. As well, tickets were available for purchase beginning May 1st at Columbia Bank, Fibre Federal Credit Union, and Woodland True Value. There was still a drawing for the $5k, $1K, and $500 winners. Also, coronation still officially began the 98th Planters Days festivities.

We were optimistic the theme, “Celebrate Woodland”, would be a rallying call to bring out the best in a creative community-focused celebration.

We were right!

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The Woodland Planters Days Committee meetings are held at 6 PM on the first Tuesday of each month and are open to the public.