2022 Planters Days Royal Court.jpg
Royal Court (above): Princess BrookLynn Donald (left) and Princess Kate Miller (right)
Photos courtesy of "Images by Erica Lynn"
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Princess Kate Miller.jpg

Princess BrookLynn is the daughter of Matt and Kim Donald. She’s the ASB School Board Representative and involved in National Honor Society, WHS Cross Country, Track, and Knowledge Bowl. She enjoys history, writing, and reading. Her talents include public speaking, writing, research, leadership, and running. She spends time volunteering as a Kidzone Leader for her church, childcare provider for WCP, and as a freshman orientation leader.  BrookLynn expressed in her Princess application that she is a 4th generation Woodland resident and “The small-town feel combined with the amazing opportunities I have had growing up have been a blessing to me!” 

Princess Kate Miller is the daughter of Wayne and Kelly Miller. She is a member of the WHS Auto club and enjoys working on cars with her dad at the WHS shop. She also likes to play video games and make art. In her free time, Kate likes to cook, bake, and sing. In her Princess application, she stated that “The Woodland community means a lot to me. Ever since my family and I moved this town has been very kind to us. It’s a warm small town where everyone knows everyone. This is the place for new beginnings.”  

Junior Court: Aria, Megan, Nova, Sailor, Rylee, Natalie